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Ubuntu Tricks

Ubuntu is a great Linux distribution. I switched from Gentoo on most
of my machines in the last half of 2006 and so far things are looking good. Of course Ubuntu also has it’s fair share of problems, especially
if you add some more bleeding edge repositories to your list of
sources, but all in all a very pleasant experience. I even run an Ubuntu Server installation, but quickly realized that that’s not where the real development effort has been put in so far.

I keep a Gentoo box around just to keep up to date on the current
developments in the open source world. If someone makes a release of
something somewhere, there is a Gentoo build file for it very soon.
Typing emerge –sync and see what new package versions are
available to compile is almost like a drug, you just got to type it a
few times a day. 🙂 Of course, with frequent updates you get frequent
problems. Not so with Ubuntu, where you can go for days(!) without getting a recommended update on something.

 So for the tricks. Not too many yet, things have gone mostly according to plan. 🙂

Trick #1, Getting Azureus to run 

Getting the Ubuntu-provided Azureus to run is tricky at this point in time (Jan 2007), as there are library dependency problems that cause it to fail in a bunch of ways. So, instead of trying to get that one to work, do this:

  1.  Download the vendor-independent Azureus from the repository, http://azureus.sf.net You want the Linux version, either normal or AMD64 depending (*).
  2. Extract the files from the tar.bz2 file you just downloaded in your home directory. This will create a ~/azureus directory with everything in it.
  3. Install the Sun 1.5 Java Runtime Kit (sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jre)
  4. Make sure this is the default Java engine (sudo update-alternatives –config java). Pick the one with sun in the directory name.
  5. That’s it. start azureus with ~/azureus/azureus

*) Type file /bin/bash in a local terminal window. If the output contains AMD x86-64 then pick the AMD64 version, otherwise the default.

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