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Google News plugin

April 07, 2008 By: webmaster Category: WordPress Plugins

Displays N first news items from a selectable Google News RSS feed, inline or as a widget. Google aggregates news from over 4500 news sources, updated continously. The results can be retrieved as a number of RSS feeds, where you can create your own specific feed by specifying one of more than 40 regions/languages, and an optional topic ranging from Domestic to Most Popular to Entertainment. Currently there are nine topics, including, of course, All. In addition to this, any feed can be filtered through a search query so that only news items matching your query will be shown. Note that not all combinations of region/language and topic has been enabled by Google but it should degrade gracefully. This plugin works both as a widget, as inline content replacement and can be used in themes. It can be used as both simultaneously, but there can be only one instance of the widget. Multiple feeds can be configured and used accordingly. NOTE! Always upgrade to the latest version if you experience problems, most things are fixed already. 🙂 The latest version is 2.5. If you've configured feeds that use character sets like cyrillic, arabic and you're getting errors from WP when trying to view the feeds then your WP MySQL database tables may be created with the wrong character set. Let me know and I'll give you some pointers. Download Google News plugin (more…)

NASA Image Of The Day plugin

March 28, 2008 By: webmaster Category: WordPress Plugins

Very simple widget plugin that shows the NASA Image Of The Day thumbnail and a few words of text. Clicking on the thumbnail opens the correct NASA page for a larger image and accompanying text. The plugin now uses a NASA RSS feed for information. No local storage needed, the feed and image is fetched every time. Does anyone need caching here? Installation instructions: Unzip in wp-content/plugins directory, enable plugin and then use as any other WordPress widget. Download NASA Image Of The Day plugin


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