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December 27, 2006 By: webmaster Category: Default

Time flies like a pear shaped banana. I recently looked at my web site and realized it had been over three years since the last update. That’s like 347 Internet years, or there abouts. It didn’t look good, didn’t have a lot of information and what was there was decidedly last century. But amazingly enough, a fairly steady number of page hits despite it all. So I figured I’d throw up a new one, using a “proper” blogging/publishing tool for a change. Who knows, perhaps the ease of use of such a system would trigger a more frequent update cycle. I’ll start off with porting the old content though, should take about 20 minutes…

Four days left of 2006, and next year has just been described as the year the blogging fad blows over. Leaving just the well established and the die hards.

Sounds like a good time to start. 🙂

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