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MX-780HD Firmware Release Notes

These firmware release notes are relevant for 760-owners because there are community modified versions of all these that will allow you to install them on your 760. Which is worth the effort, since Mvix for some strange reason insist of adding more functionality to the 780 firmware than the 760 firmware. Even though the hardware similarities suggest that a single firmware for both would be a much better use of company programming resources. I’ll try posting links to both the pristine 780 firmware and the hacked one for each firmware release. These modified firmwares all come with the standard ftp/telnet/http services added, just like the old 760 firmwares. Note that you will be able to use standard 780 firmwares on your 760 after you have upgraded it with a hacked 780 firmware once, it will from then on think it’s a 780 until you forcibly downgrade to a 760 image. Most likely scenario for that is bricking it and having to install the rescue image, which is 760. Interestingly enough, you can rescue a 780 with the 760 rescue image but you will then have to install a “modified for 760” image before installing a normal 780 image. Hopefully Mvix will release a 780 rescue image at some point so the 780 crowd can avoid this extra hassle.

To clearify, there are THREE versions of the 2.0.x series of firmware.

  • The unmodified 2.0.x firmware from Mvix
  • The modified (ftp/telnet/httpd) 2.0.x firmware for 780 players OR 760 players with 780 firmware installed
  • The modified (ftp/telnet/httpd) 2.0.x firmware for 760 players with 760 firmware installed

So if you have a plain 760 with the 1.x series firmware, use the “modified for 760” version of the firmware to lift your player to a 780. After that, use either a plain 780 firmware or the “modified for 780” firmware depending on whether you want the ftp/telnet/httpd addons or not.

MX-780HD Firmware 2.0.2, Modified for 780 and Modified for 760 MARCH 2008 RELEASE NOTES

(1)Add exif of jpeg (exif is information of photo. Like id3tag of mp3)
(2)Add id3tag information
(3)Improved usb host recognized storage
(4)Fixed bug of path information
(5)Fixed bug of stop slide show when stop music
(6)Fixed lock folder option
(7)Add language (korean, japans, English, French, Spanish, german, italian, dutch, Portuguese, Danish, greek, greek, czech, Hebrew)
(8)Fixed not play playlist
(9)Improved display photo
(10)Fixed random/sequence function
(11)Fixed intro under PAL tv type
(12)Fixed continuously play in the playlist (just added file )
(13)Fixed remove playlist when reboot
(14)Improved add playlist when playing movie or music
(15)Improved etc

MX-780HD firmware 2.0.1, Modified for 780 and Modified for 760 FEBRUARY 2008 RELEASE NOTES

(1) fixed random/sequence function when movie/music/photo playback- (2) improved 4:3 movie file playback full screen under 16:9
(3) imporved tvout function
(4) fixed internet radio bug (not work remote control when you long-run)
(5) internet tv function (beta) added
(6) italian/Dutch/Portuguese/Danish/Greek

MX-780HD Firmware 2.0.0 DECEMBER 2007 RELEASE NOTES

1.IDE+SATA HDD combo
2.HDMI 1.2
3.1080P FULL HD
4.Free Internet Radio

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  1. Christian says:


    I upgreaded my 760, and now I have problems changing the audio to other channels (spanish). How can I downgrade my 760?



  2. Nothing is working :( says:

    Hi, great job on the modded firmware, i have installed 2.04 on my 780 and i can acess the device on telnet, but, i have some issues…
    1st i can´t write to the disk ( ext3 format ) when i mount the disck is appears a message can’t find /tmp/ide/lun0/part1 on /etc/fstab
    I try to edit with vi but the file is read only and i can’t find Chmod on the device 🙁
    Is it possible to install unsulg or optware packages on the MVIX?



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