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MX-760HD Firmware Release Notes

This is a list of changes for the various firmware upgrades for the Mvix MX-760HD. It is almost always a good idea to install the most recent firmware, as the improvements from one firmware to another this early in the product cycle is quite good. The 1.1.25 has two noticable bugs, one being it connects to your Windows shares using the user "root" instead of "guest" and the other being that it stretches the video picture somewhat. Use 1.1.17 for the time being if you feel those can cause problems for you. Or you can check out the new 1.1.26 beta just out, promising to fix the video stretching at least.

MvixUSA has an RSS feed via Feedburner that keeps track of firmware releases, link


I’ve created my own modified version of the latest Mvix Firmware which you can pick up here (you’ll want to right-click and select Save As). It has the following extra features :


 – Telnet access. You can telnet to the device and log in as root with the password olav 

 – HTTP server. A web server is running on the device. Just point your browser at the Mvix and you can look around the file system. Note specifically that accessing some of the files under /proc will cause the web server to hang until reboot.

 – The firmware will also try to execute a script in the top directory of any locally connected device, such as an internal IDE drive or external USB devices. But only at boot time, not when you hotplug something while the Mvix is running. This script must be named mvix_init_script and the first one found (USB checked first) will be used.  So for example if you have an internal IDE with one partition, that partition automatically gets mounted as /tmp/ide/part1 by the Mvix firmware. So if the script mvix_init_script exists on the mounted partition, it will be executed. Why, you may ask yourself? Because that allows you to for example automount your SMB/NFS-shares without having to log in and do it by hand every time the Mvix boots. My script basically looks like this:

/bin/mount -o nolock /tmp/ide/part1/data

If you instead want stock firmware images, you can either download them from here or go to the Mvix USA web site.


The additional software used in the modified firmware image (web-server, newer busybox etc) are all stock public domain packages downloaded from their respective developers, compiled and added to the firmware. As such, I don’t think I’m violating the GPL by not providing copies of those packages available for download from my site. After all, they’re readily available from their original sites. As for exactly which packages are used and how to go about duplicating the whole process for yourself should you be so inclined, see the excellent Mvix Community Wiki at http://mvixcommunity.com/wiki/MX-760HD_Main_Page It will tell you all the gory details. But be prepared, cross compiling for an ARM platform without an MMU using a 4-5 year old kernel/compiler/libraries is not for the faint of heart.


  Carefully hidden on the european Mvix forum is a link to a brand new 1.2.0 firmware version. This appears to be a stripped version of the MX-780HD 2.0.x firmware, as the changelog is nearly identical. What you get is:

  • 1. Add exif of jpeg (exif is information of photo. Like id3tag of mp3)
  • 2. Add id3tag information
  • 3. Improved usb host recognized storage
  • 4. Fixed bug of path information
  • 5. Fixed bug of stop slide show when stop music
  • 6. Fixed lock folder option
  • 7. Add language (korean, japans, English, French, Spanish, german, italian, dutch, Portuguese, Danish, greek, greek, czech, Hebrew)
  • 8. Fixed not play playlist
  • 9. Improved display photo
  • 10. Fixed random/sequence function
  • 11. Fixed intro under PAL tv type
  • 12. Fixed continuously play in the playlist (just added file )
  • 13. Fixed remove playlist when reboot
  • 14. Improved add playlist when playing movie or music

8 months in the making, and this is what they manage. The exif is cool, the photo display improvements are up from abysmal to okayish and the rest is really nothing to write home about. Get the hacked 2.0.2 instead, but make sure you know the procedure for de-bricking your Mvix as it may have side effects. People have reported problems with getting a PC to see the Mvix over USB after upgrades. Not confirmed yet.


  NOTE that this is a beta release. People experience lots of hangs and various other problems with it and there is no official list of changes yet. Most people will want the 1.1.27 release below. There is also a modified version (telnet, web server etc available, user root and no password to log in. I did not do this mod.

Here are the tentative release notes:

1. Fix  JPEG display bug

2. Add  jpg  Info  feature

3. Improve HD(TS/TP/TRP) file play back disconnection problem

4. More than 2 movie file play without intro buffer streaming blue intro page

5. Improve Usb host  compatibility 


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