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Known MX-760HD Bugs

Short list at the moment, but I’ll try to remember all of them…


  • No TV Output

Quite often, the Mvix will somehow forget which output options you
have chosen. The player appears to start fine, but nothing appears on
screen. This happens to me more often than not actually. Pain in the
neck, but the fix is quite simple. Sometimes it is enough to press the
TVOUT button on your remote until you see something on your TV (and then possibly using the on screen setup to set the correct resolution,
not just the correct output port). Sometimes, the TVOUT button does not
cycle through all the output options however, skipping a few that may
be vital to you and your setup. Pretty useless, but you can use the
SETUP button on the box and then navigate to the TV Output Options and
select the port/resolution you need.

  •  Horrible quality showing photos

Yeah, I know, you know, Mvix knows, Unicorn knows, the whole world knows. But they can’t be bothered to fix it. Great huh?

Update March 2008, 8 months after the previous firmware release. The new 1.2.0 firmware is out, and it has partially fixed the photo quality. Partially because it’s still nowhere near taking advantage of the resolution of my 720P TV, and because it still runs in slideshow mode even if you view a single photo. Which means that after “slideshow interval” seconds, it stops showing the photo and drops back out to the directory structure. Note that if you’ve got a 760 and want to update, then you might want to check out the MX-780HD 2.0.2 firmware that has been modified to run on the 760. You get all the same bugfixes, and in addition to this you get Internet Radio support. And it actually works.

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  1. Hi,
    I have updated MX-760 with “MX-780HD 2.0.2” firmware. Now, I have problem with USB device, because the computer can’t detecte the MX-760.
    Can you help me? Thank you, best regards.


  2. Hi there!
    This is a new problem to me, and I’ve not seen any complaints in the mvixcommunity-forum about this either. Not tried it myself, as I just ftp my files across if I want to transfer anything to/from the Mvix (doable since I have an ext2-formatted internal drive). I’ll connect mine to a computer and see if I have the same problem. Will report back as soon as I can.

  3. Hi there,
    My Mvix MX 760HD, sometimes when watching a movie the image freezes as well as the Mvix, to fix this i need to unplugged it, and then plug it again!! Is this normal?? Sometimes it just wont start, and i need to do the same thing!!
    Could you please help me with this!!

  4. Hi Arturo!
    Yes, it has bugs. Make sure you are running the latest firmware release, which currently is the v1.2.1 for the 760. If you feel confident you can handle the extra work involved in switching to the 780-series of firmwares you could try that but I’m not sure if they’ve made more bugfixes there or not. So just if you’re getting desperate. 🙂

  5. Hi
    I upgrade my MX760HD to ver : 1.1.27 updated Apr-2010 (but I have already a ver: 1.1.27) however this one said it had some bug fixes, at the end of the upgrade it said that it will turn off in 10 sec. and in the small window block it said “TURN OFF N” so I let the system turn itself off, but it does not reboot. So after waiting several minutes I turn it back on, but now the system is messed up, I cannot see the hard drives anymore, it plays the picture files from before the upgrade, the other files I cannot see.
    I wish I can put the original system back. I like to know what it means to “TURN OFF N”
    Can some one help me.

  6. Hi,
    my mx760 refuses to connect to my pc. i’m running xp pro sp3 & it gives me “device malfunction & unknown device on the USB Controllers at Device Manager. if i try to update or uninstall drivers, windows wizzard tells me to trouble shoot. in driver properties, “this device does not exist or is not available”. seems like xp is reading the firmware as mac os. as soon as i plug in the usb, “device errors”. urgh! tell me someone knows what i’m talking about. it works fine in my cinema but refuses to connect via usb to my pc. help please!

  7. Tried the de-bricking… just can’t get it to work, i must be doing something wrong

  8. Hi there! Sorry about the late reply, so many spam comments here that I seldom have the time to go through and find the legitimate ones. As for your USB problems, there were quite a few issues with the mx760 and connecting it to a PC over USB. Make sure you are running the latest MX760 firmware you can find. If possible, try a different USB port on your PC as well. If that doesn’t help, I really recommend throwing the mx760 out the window and getting yourself a more modern media player. There are a whole host of good candidates for less than $100 that will be much, much better than the mx760.


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