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WordPress plugins all have a Donate link that needs to point somewhere, so here it is. Of course, if you wish to donate a small amount because of some other useful piece of information I have provided then go ahead!

This one gets me $5.00:

This one is a whopping $10.00 for the high rollers out there. 🙂 :

And finally, here you get to fill in your own amount:

Thank you!

2 Comments to “Donations”

  1. Haberlen says:

    I have seen your WP Google news plug-in. But i did not see in Turkey(Turkish) support.
    Do you update turkish

  2. Hi Haberlen!
    I’m just using the news rss feeds that Google provides, and have no way of affecting Google in what languages/countries they decide to support. But when they do decide to add Turkey I’ll make sure to update the plugin.



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