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Audio Equipment in Norway

There considerably more than a handful of A/V sites in Norway, but actual information is very hard to find. Here is a list of sites, with description, that I’ve found (or will find 🙂 useful. If I actually get any feedback I might add more than the ones I myself find useful…

Used Equipment

The market for used audio/video equipment in Norway is very small, though that might be because there does not appear to be one single site that caters for this market. Instead there are half a dozen small sites that at most get 10-20 ads per day. But unfortunately, most of the ads are just reruns of ads posted a few days earlier, so overall new ads are are as low as a few a day. Anyway, here is a list of places to


Audiophile Second largest site in terms of volume, but the ads here tend to show up on Audio as well.
Lyd & Bilde Nice, steady flow of ads, but the interface is a nightmare if you’re in a hurry and just want to catch up on todays changes.
Hi-Fi Sentralen Interface could be better, but has some ads.
HiFi Huset i Bærum Brukt Quite a few entries, but no prices on the web pages unfortunately.
HiFi Magasinet One of the high traffic swedish sites. Worth keeping an eye on, Sweden isn’t that far away… 😉
Audio Solution Audio dealer with a (very) small used section. Hit the ‘Brukthifi’ link after going there.
AVforum The most ambitious A/V discussion forum effort in Norway, it also has A/V used equipment forums. Not a lot of ads however.
Høyum HIFI Audio shop that also does used hifi.
Audiofil Yet another shop that sometimes sell demo/used equipment as well.
dvdnett Terrible user interface, and one (count’em) current ad.
ProLyd Professional audio equipment.


Mostly high end shops. If you’re looking for el cheapo mainstream, see
the full page ads in your local newspaper.


Hi-Fi klubben They almost single handedly dragged Norway away from the cheap rack systems and towards separates. Started off importing a few select brands and, amazingly enough, selling them for less money than in comparable countries like the UK. That’s all behind them now however, and you won’t see them advertising that again… Sells B&W, NAD, Denon, Classé, Loewe and quite a few others.
PMV Audio Audio Dealer with a difference. Not only do they make their own speakers, but they will also build A/V furniture to your personal specifications if you so desire. The end result even looks good, so check them out.
Hi-Fi Center kjeden Handles over 50 brands, including Hardman/Kardon, Hegel, Audiovector, Primare, Bose, Marantz and Arcam. Shops in over 15 cities.
AV HiFi AS A mix of major brands like Sony, JVC, Philips, Pioneer, and more specialised ones like Electrocompaniet, Thule and Infinity.
Neby HiFi Concept AS Quite a bit of high end equipment from the likes of Marantz and Quad. Unfortunately they use a braindead Java-based navigation system (that adds absolutely nothing to the browsing experience), so you’re seriously out of luck unless you either run IE or a perfectly configured browser.
Busk Lyd & Bilde AS Nothing there, need to contact them for info.
Digitalradio Import Sell two(!) different DAB Digital radios, but fail to even
tell you the price. And the radios are not even any of the mainstream
ones that go for a pretty decent price over in the UK. Go figure.
Interconnect AS Monster Cable, Vienna Acoustics, Thule, PSB and various accessories.
daCapo HI-FI Usher speakers. Presumably other stuff as well, but not mentioned on the web pages.
Musik Magazinet Linn, EC, H/K, Rotel, Vincent, Sonus-Faber etc. Not a lot of info on the web pages, but they have a shop in Bergen.


Not too many high end audio magazines in Norway, most of them cater for the larger crowd. Not too strange considering the small number of people living here…




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