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B&W Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins

Fine loudspeakers from the UK since 1966.


Official sites

Bowers & WilkinsB&W Official Web Site
B&WOfficial Review Links
B&W JapanActually Marantz
B&W New ZealandB&W New Zealand
Wikipedia entry on B&WNot a lot there really

A quick note up front. This page is from around 2001, so none of the newer speakers are here (i.e. the Diamond series, the 700 series, etc).  I’ve started adding a few new reviews, so check back soon.

Click on a column header to sort a table on that column.

I’ve skipped a few sites, most notably the ones who charge money
(avguide.com etc). Also missing are many “we haven’t actually listen
to them but we think they’re good” articles that some sites tend
to write if they want to sell the speakers to you.

There are quite a few dead links by now, the web does not last forever. I’ll remove the hyperlink on the ones I find and leave the info. Please leave a comment if you find links I should add. Thank you!

There is a deadish forum at B&W Speakers Forum 

BW has released a document helping you both to pick and to place
a subwoofer for your home. Pick it up here

B&W Bookshelf Speakers

SiteReviewed itemDateGrade
AudioREVIEWB&W DM303Various4.71/5
AudioREVIEWB&W DM600 S3Various4.33/5
AudioREVIEWB&W DM601 S3Various4.88/5
AudioREVIEWB&W DM602Various4.77/5
EpinionsB&W DM302Various5/5
For Men IGNB&W LM1 Leisure MonitorsJanuar 2000?/?
Audio RevolutionB&W LM1 Leisure Monitors???/?
For Men IGNB&W LM1 Leisure MonitorsOctober 20007.5/10
DooYooB&W DM601 S2June 20014/5
DooYooB&W DM302August 20014/5
DooYooB&W CDM 2SEAugust 20015/5
SoundStage! liveB&W DM302September 1998?/?
HomeEntertainmentB&W CM2October 20014/5
StereophileB&W Nautilus 805October 1999?/?
StereophileB&W DM304October 1997?/?
Hi-Fi ChoiceB&W CM 2October 20015/5
Hi-Fi ChoiceB&W DM303August 20015/5
Hi-Fi ChoiceB&W CDM NT1November 20004/5
HiFi-PlazaB&W CDM NT1???/?
t3B&W CDM 1SEJuly 19995/5
Audio AsylumB&W CDM 1NTMay 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W DM303 PDF of Hi-Fi Choice article???/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W Nautilus Signature 805 Word-document of Hi-Fi Choice articleSeptember 2002Ed Choice
E-hifi.com.auB&W Nautilus Signature 805 Word-document of What Hi-Fi articleAugust 20025/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W 600 Series 3 JPEG(!) of Sydney Morning Herald articleFebruary 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W DM303 Word-document of Hi-Fi Choice article??5/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W DM601 S3 Word-document of What Hi-Fi articleJanuary 20025/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W CDM 1NT Word-document of Hi-Fi Choice article??4/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W DM303 PDF of Audio Revolution articleNovember 2001?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W DM303 PDF of What Hi-Fi articleSeptember 2001Best Buy
E-hifi.com.auB&W DM303 PDF of EISA Awards articleAugust 2001Best Buy
E-hifi.com.auB&W DM303 PDF of Gramophone articleAugust 2001?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W CM2 JPEG(!) of unknown source article???/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W DM303 PDF of What Hi-Fi articleMay 2001?/?
SoundStage!B&W CM1May 2007?/?

B&W Speakers

SiteReviewed itemDateGrade
HomeCinemaChoiceB&W CMMay 20014.5/5
Enjoy the MusicB&W DM602 S2September 200085ish/100
Enjoy the MusicB&W Nautilus 800August 200290ish/100
TNT-AudioB&W Nautilus 8011998?/?
TNT-AudioB&W DM601 S22000?/?
TNT-AudioB&W DM3011998?/?
TNT-AudioB&W AP17April 2001?/?
Audio RevolutionB&W DM303November 2001?/?
Audio RevolutionB&W DM604???/?
Consumer GuideB&W DM602 S3???/?
Consumer GuideB&W LM1 Leisure Monitors???/?
Sound StageB&W Matrix 803 S2???/?
Sound StageB&W Nautilus 801September 2001?/?
Sound StageB&W DM303October 2001?/?
EpinionsB&W DM305Jan 20003/5
EpinionsB&W Nautilus 805Oct 20025/5
EpinionsB&W Nautilus 804??5/5
Review CentreB&W DM601 S2June 200110/10
Review CentreB&W DM603 S3Various9/10
Review CentreB&W DM602 S3June 200210/10
StereophileB&W Nautilus 801January 1999?/?
StereophileB&W John Bowers Silver SignatureJune 1994?/?
StereophileB&W Signature 800June 2002?/?
StereophileB&W Matrix 801 Series 2December 1987?/?
Hi-Fi ChoiceB&W DM603 S3October 20024/5
Hi-Fi ChoiceB&W DM602.5 S3June 20023/5
Hi-Fi ChoiceB&W CM 4November 20014/5
Hi-Fi ChoiceB&W CM 4August 20015/5
Hi-Fi ChoiceB&W CDM NT7November 20004/5
Hi-Fi ChoiceB&W DM601 S2October 20004/5
21stCenturyServicesB&W Matrix 802 Series IIJuly 19974/5
VirtualMags.AUB&W 601 S2?4/5
AudioholicsB&W DM603 S2??7.7/10
Audio AsylumB&W Nautilus 800August 2001?/?
The Absolute SoundB&W 602.5 S3???/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W DM602 S3 Word-document of What Hi-Fi articleSeptember 2002Best Buy
E-hifi.com.auB&W DM602 S3 Word-document of Hi-Fi News articleSeptember 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W DM603 S3 PDF of What Hi-Fi articleJuly 20025/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W Nautilus 800 Word-document of Hi-Fi Choice articleJuly 20025/5
E-hifi.com.au* B&W Nautilus 800 PDF of ?? articleAugust 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.au* B&W Nautilus Signature 800 PDF of Stereophile articleJune 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W Nautilus 800 GIF(!) of short unknown article???/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W CDM 7NT Word-document of Hi-Fi Choice article??4/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W Nautilus 800 Word-document of German Audiophile articleSeptember 2001?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W CM4 PDF of Audio Revolution articleOctober 2001?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W CDM 1NT PDF of What Hi-Fi articleSeptember 20015/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W CDM 1NT PDF of What Hi-Fi articleSeptember 20015/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W CDM 7NT GIF(!) of Green Guide articleSeptember 2001?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W CDM 7NT JPEG(!) of Sydney Morning Herald articleSeptember 2001?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W CDM 7NT JPEG(!) of Home Theatre article2001?/?
Sound StageB&W Nautilus 804November 2000?/?
Audio RevolutionB&W 802DJuly 2005?/?
Audio RevolutionB&W 703June 2004?/?
Audio RevolutionB&W CM4October 2001?/?
Audio RevolutionB&W DM604 S3February 2006?/?
StereophileB&W DM603 S3August 2005?/?
Audio Revolution

B&W Surround (not neccessarily packages)

SiteReviewed itemDateGrade
HomeCinemaChoiceB&W Nautilus: 805, 804 and HTM1October 20004.5/5
HomeCinemaChoiceB&W 600 Series 3: DM603 S3, LCR60 S3 and DM602.5 S3January 20024.5/5
HomeCinemaChoiceB&W 600 Series 2: DM603 S2, CC6 S2, DM602 S2 and ASW1000January 20005/5
HomeCinemaChoiceB&W CM Series: CM2, CMC and ASW2500May 20014.5/5
HomeTheaterHIFIB&W 600 Series: DM603, CC6, DM602 and AS6April 1996?/?
HomeTheaterHIFIB&W Nautilus: 805, 804 and HTM1February 2001?/?
HomeEntertainmentB&W CDM-NT Series: 7NT, SNT and CNTNovember 20004/5
HomeEntertainmentB&W DM600 Series 3: DM602.5 S3, DM600 S3 and LCR60July 20025/5
Time for DVDB&W CDM-NT Series: 9NT and CNTMarch 2002A-
CNETB&W 300 Series : DM303, LCR3 and ASW500??8/10
HomeTheaterMagB&W 600 Series 2: DM601 S2, CC6 S2 and ASW1000??85ish/100
HomeTheaterMagB&W CM Series: CM 4, CM 2, CM C and ASW2500April 200285ish/100
HomeTheaterMagB&W DM303, LCR3, ASW500November 200195ish/100
Hi-Fi ChoiceB&W 600 Series 3: DM602 S3, DM601 S3 and LCR600 S3March 20024/5
Hi-Fi ChoiceB&W Nautilus 800 Series: 803, SCM1, HTM1 and ASW4000December 2000?/?
Digital TheaterB&W 600 Series: DM603, DM602, CC6 and AS61996?/?
VirtualMags.AUB&W 300 Series: DM303, LCR3?4/5
E-hifi.co.auB&W 300 Series: DM303, DM309, ASW300 and LCR3 PDF scan of T3 articleJanuary 20035/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W 300 Series: DM303, DM309, ASW300 and LCR3 PDF scan of Home Theatre articleDecember 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W 600 Series 3: DM603, DM601 and LCR60 Word-document of What Hi-Fi articleMay 20025/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W 600 Series 3: DM602.5 and LCR60 Word-document of Home Entertainment articleJune 2002Ed Choice
E-hifi.com.auB&W Leisure Monitors: VM1, LM1 and AS1 GIF(!) of Home Theatre articleMay 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W 600 Series 3 GIF(!) of Sun Herald articleApril 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W 600 Series 3 JPEG(!) of What DVD articleApril 20024/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W 300 Series: DM303, LCR3 and ASW500 Word-document of CNET articleFebruary 20028/10
E-hifi.com.auB&W 600 Series 3: DM601, DM602 and LCR600 Word-document of Hi-Fi Choice articleJanuary 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W 600 Series 3: First impressions Word-document of Hi-Fi Choice articleJanuary 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W 600 Series 3 Word-document of Hi-Fi News articleFebruary 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W 300 Series : DM303 and LCR3 PDF of What DVD articleJuly 20014/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W CM Series PDF of T3 articleJuly 20015/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W 600 Series 2: DM603, DM601 and CC6 PDF of Home Theatre articleNovember 2000?/?
goodgearguide.com.auB&W MT30 Mini Theater rangeNovember 20064/5
smarthouse.com.auB&W MT30 Mini Theater rangeNovember 20054/5
techdigest.tvB&W MT30 Mini Theater rangeNovember 20065/5
Audio/Video RevolutionB&W M1 Mini Theather 20May 2006

B&W Center Channels

SiteReviewed itemDateGrade
HomeCinemaChoiceB&W CC3July 19984/5
HomeCinemaChoiceB&W LCR6 S2June 20004.5/5
AudioREVIEWB&W CC 3Various4.47/5
AudioREVIEWB&W CC 6Various4/5
AudioREVIEWB&W CC 6 S2Various4.09/5
AudioREVIEWB&W CDM SEVarious4.84/5
AudioREVIEWB&W LCR 6 S2Various4.5/5
AudioREVIEWB&W LCR60 S3Various5/5
AudioREVIEWB&W LCR600 S3Various4.63/5
AudioREVIEWB&W Matrix HTMVarious4.83/5
AudioREVIEWB&W Nautilius HTM1Various4.95/5
AudioREVIEWB&W Nautilius HTM2Various5/5
HomeTheaterHIFIB&W Nautilius HTM2December 1999?/?
HomeEntertainmentB&W LCR6January 20024/5
HomeEntertainmentB&W CC6 S2August 20004/5

B&W Subwoofers (Subs)

SiteReviewed itemDateGrade
HomeCinemaChoiceB&W ASW 2000May 19994.5/5
HomeCinemaChoiceB&W Matrix 800 ASWApril 19984.5/5
Second BeatB&W ASW 4000March 2001?/?
HomeEntertainmentB&W AS500Januar 20023/5
E-hifi.com.auB&W ASW 675 Word-document of Hi-Fi Choice articleOctober 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W ASW 675 PDF of Home Theatre Magazine articleAugust 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W ASW 675 Word-document of Home Theatre Magazine article(same?)August 2002?/?
E-hifi.com.auB&W ASW 1000 Word-document of DVD New article??8.5/10

B&W Stands etc

Sound AnchorsSpecial stands for the 800 and CDM series [PRICES]

B&W Other

Speaker AsylumA discussion on Nautilus 803/804 (primarily) on Speaker Asylum
Audiophile Club of Athens (http://aca.gr)Classe+B&W in Athens November 2001

The designer of the B&W Nautilus 800 series, UK designer Morten Villiens
Warren, also apparently made this sculpture called B & W Emphasis.

And here is a list of Bowers & Wilkins loudspeaker reviews nicked from somewhere and yet to be checked out:

List : http://www.audioemporium.com/bw.htm
www.audioreview.com everything but shelf & cc

For some REALLY out of this world audio equipment, check out Exotic Audio.

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  2. Alex
    Firstly hope all is well, just a quick one I hope, but would you be interested or do you know anybody who would be interested in selling a pair of emphasis speakers please?

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  3. Any emphasis b&w speakers for sale??

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