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B&W Speakers

Browsing around the net for information/reviews I found out that
relevant nuggets of information were few and far between. To rectify
this, here is a fairly decent link page that points to most of the
B&W reviews I’ve found so far. About 140 so far! To be expanded, sorted
and all that.

HTPC or Home Theater Personal Computer

A HTPC is basically a PC that you intend to integrate with your home
audio/video equipment. It should be reasonably fast, very quiet, look
good and have all the connections you need to do what you want. You can
either roll your own or buy off the shelf, the latter typically at a
premium. But for the faint of heart it is certainly worth paying a
little extra to have someone else do all the hard work. Read on…


High quality gear requires high quality recordings. So here is my small but growing
list of CDs that I either own or plan to acquire. The way this list is built
is primarily from references in high end equipment reviews. You know the ones
that appear to be able to differentiate their tannines from their trancients,
or have had too much of the one to appreciate the other. 🙂 If you have
suggestions, by all means post me a comment.

Audio/Video in Norway

For various reasons, search engine spiders appear to do a less than
stellar job in Norway. Leaving it very difficult to find anything at
all on the Norwegian part of the Internet. So here is the small
beginnings of an authorative list of sites. From tailor made
A/V furniture to speaker parts.

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