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LPMud Homepages

Know of an LPmud(or derivative) WWW page not in this list? Send an email
to ‘lpmuds’ at ‘kolbu.com’.

Also check out the WWW MUD Connector, now gone commercial.

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  1. Yay! Come visit NiMUD, a classic revived!

  2. The most original MUD you’ll ever play on. The whole (huge) world has been crafted from scratch since 1990. Visit places such as Shadow where thieves roam on several islands (take the Slave Galley that comes by the docks) or the Orient with its River Dragons and Samurai. Try out the original classes such as Rangers who carry beautiful (and free) Heartbows which shoot pure bolts of energy or the Lost Knights who can adjust armour to make it fit better, bind a friends wounds or sharpen a sword. Check out the monsters from Pulsing Thrasher to Bokemono to Vicia-Heinox the Dragon! Every piece of equipment is also original ranging from Boots of the Cat to Mer-Fur Scales. Each domain has a currency like Yeuns or Drachmas. The quests are incredible and range from easy starter quests to intricate puzzles. I could go on… better yet you should go on and enter the Gateway!



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