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LPMud FTP Sites

At some point in time, it became fashionable to serve files through a web server instead of an ftp server. Thus most of the links below are to webservers.

MUD Clients

A MUD Client is a program you run on your machine to connect to muds. The advantage over telnet/ssh is that they provide extra functionality, both when connecting and when playing. Generally they also look nicer, however they’re usually developed by Computer Scientist so don’t expect too much in that area. 🙂
Note that there are about a zillion more MUD Clients than the list below, from massive semi-graphical behemoths down to short lisp-files for emacs. Most are in a state of limbo in terms of development however. The easiest way to get a good overview is to spend an hour on Google or AllTheWeb and search for things like mud client. Perhaps use your platform (windows, linux, whatever) as a search term as well, to narrow things down.

Microsoft Windows

zMud, aka Zugg’s MUD Client

Very advanced MUD Client in constant development, gazillions of
features and possibilities. 30 days trial, $25 gets you updates for

Developed as a beginners client for the mud Avalon, it can
also be used to connect to other muds. Amazingly enough
also available in a DOS version. Freeware.

Not a lot of info on this one. Free unlimited(?) trial, $20 license.

Fire Client
GUI-looking client with lots of features and constantly being

AL MUD Client, aka Ashavar’s Legacy MUD Client
Made for one particular mud, works on others. Freeware.


Fast advanced MUD Client, constantly developed. Free unlimited trial,
$20 gets you a license.

Perl scriptable MUD Client. Freeware.

Mud Master

Yet another Windows-client. No longer maintained afaik.

One of the good old clients, still being developed. Now also
in a GTK+ version called gMUDix.

Apple Mac

More or less the only MUD Client for Macs, at least when it
comes to functionality. 30 day trial, $$$ after that afaik.
No development done since ’98.


Kmud, aka KDE MUD Client

A mud client using the KDE GUI framework.

MCL, aka Muckle
TinTin-lookalike, embedded perl and python for high


TinyFugue, aka tf
Very popular MUD Client. Available for most platforms,
but only distributed in source form so be prepared for some

Java client, runs on most platforms.

General MUD information locations

Most sites that had MUD related information are now gone. There isn’t any demand for Padrone’s Castle or Kantele’s Mansion anymore. So don’t get too mad if most, if not all, of the below FTP sites are gone. Or too miffed if the sites that are still there are dead but claim to be constantly updated, at least according to the last README-update there. Back in 1995…
Time passes, Thorin sits down and starts singing about gold.

Contains MUD drivers and mudlibs for PCs running MSDOS. Not everyone has
access to a UNIX machine and some like to do their LPC coding at home. Also
some MSDOS clients. NOTE! If you have something related to MSDOS/MS WINDOWS
and MUDS and it’s not already in this archive, please upload it in

Is a complete mirror of the MUD archive at ftp.imaginary.com,
where the MudOS driver is developed these days. Also contains the
latest Nightmare and Foundation mudlibs.

Home of the
Idea Exchange mud,
where MudOS developers and beta testers gather. The ftp site contains
all the latest LPmud/MudOS developments. Also on this server is
home of the Nightmare mudlib for MudOS.


Used to be the major site for MudOS related files, and is now
only kept up to date once in a while.


are two directories worth checking
out if you’re interested in the MudOS driver development.
The ACTLab

Another major archive site for LP-MUD and related drivers, including
MudOS and DGD. Other related material is also available here, including
mudlibs, documentation, and clients.

A major MUD archive, used to have reasonably up-to-date versions of most clients
and servers, the most up-to-date FAQs, pictures of MUDders, and
documentation. The emphasis here is on Tiny-style MUDs, although this
is a reasonably reliable place to find any client or server that lacks
its own major FTP archive.

This was once one of the most popular and up-to-date collections of
MUD-related items. A lot of older things can still be found here,
particularly those which have vanished off other FTP sites.

An archive site for some useful utilities, including the logedit program,
which edits the output of logs into a prettified format (specifically for
MUSH, although the program can be tweaked for other types of MUDs).

A directory here is used for Amberyl’s personal (small) FTP archive,
containing source code for TinyMUSH 2.2 and other MUSH-server-related
things, as well as Tess Snider’s handy
ascii-picture-to-MUSH-format translator.


The official archive site for
a DikuMUD variant.

The archive site for old MUDlists and general MUSH stuff (server code,
clients, MUSHcode packages, and documentation). Of particular interest:

(version 1.50 patchlevel 10)

(version 2.0.10 patchlevel 5)

(version 2.0.10 patchlevel 6, slightly buggy)

MUSHcode Packages
(various authors)
The archive site for MOO. It includes server code, core databases, and
documentation. There is also a collection of papers.

Archive site mainly for Diku derivatives, forget it if you’re looking
for LPmud/MudOS related material.

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