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SysAdmin/TechAdvisor by day, errr pretty much the same by night I’m afraid. The purpose of this website is to have somewhere I can keep a list of useful findings that I come across when I try out something new. When faced with a new install of some kind, whether it be a new blogging software like this WordPress you’re staring at or the latest Ubuntu distro just installed on my laptop, there is always issues. Either something just plain don’t work after an upgrade (hello Gentoo…), or you’re not totally satisfied with the end result. Either way, some small amount of hacking is generally needed. And if I find the problem, chances are some other poor soul out there is staring at the same problem. And most likely with a worse starting point than me for actually figuring out the problem for himself.

You can reach me by my first name Olav, at this domain, if you have any questions or comments. Put something non spam-like in the subject, my delete finger is very trigger happy… Or if you like, just register in the forum and post your question there.

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  1. Hi, i am uising your google news plugin, it works great.
    I made some modifications to the code so it looks prettyer.

    changes mad:
    – better alignment of images and list icon ()
    – added more space between news
    – news open on a new page, instead of openning in the same page

    – I would like to email you the modified .php file, i hope i have improved the plugin.

    Regards and thanks for writing such a cool plugin

  2. I’m using your Google News plugin. It works great BUT it changes the position of my widgets. It moves them slightly to the left – not enough to be a big deal but enough to merge them with the content.

    I sent you an email about this but so far have received no response. Are you no longer supporting this plug-in?


  3. Hello Olav,

    I installed your plugin on my site but i cant figure out how to set up the Google links to open in a new window. could you please help?

    Thank you,

  4. Hi There,
    thanks for the google news plugin.
    It is great but I noticed it doesnt show the information properly is you use safari.
    Can you help with this?

  5. Hi Iva!
    Sorry about the late reply, been moving house. Opening links into a new window would require editing the news content provided by Google, and their terms of service says I can’t do that. Well, I do edit it to make it look presentable, but I feel that is within the spirit of the terms.


  6. Hi Marco
    Can you email me a couple of screenshots of the problems? Email olav at the obvious domain name. Don’t have access to Safari so can’t test it out for myself. Note also that the html-code that Google provides is pretty bad, and that even though I try to clean it up in the plugin there is only so much I can do. So some of the bugs you see may actually be the source material and not Safari specific.


  7. Do you add Turkish language option in your Google News WP Plug-in. Thnx

  8. Ah, Google have added new languages to their services. I’ll go through the list and release a plugin-update with the new languages. If you are in a hurry and want to edit the plugin yourself then you can look for the line:

    ‘Sverige’ => ‘sv_se’,

    and add
    ‘Türkiye’ => ‘tr_tr’,

    just below that.


  9. I have seen similar plugins that open links in new windows, but none with summaries/excerpts like yours. Unfortunately, the ability to use a ‘target blank’ feature is a make it or break it for us – have you been able to see whether that’s possible?

    Thanks so much.


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