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Send2Press WordPress Plugin

December 01, 2008 By: webmaster Category: WordPress, WordPress Plugins

New WordPress plugin!

Send2Press Newswire is a press release promotion service. They provide RSS feeds of all their news, and currently there are about 90 different feeds available. This plugin allows easy access to those feeds on your WordPress blog. Either as simple headline links or complete with a 5-10 line summary. CSS can be used to tailor the look and feel.

Please note that even though the GPL says you can do more or less whatever you want with this plugin, including jumping up and down on it or feeding it to your hamster, there are restrictions on how you can use Send2Press Newswire content and trademarks. So please read the terms of service carefully, either on the web at Send2Press TOC or the included text file termsofuse.txt, before using this plugin.

For more information, see the plugin documentation.

Questions in the comments please. Note that this is technical support for the plugin. If you need Send2Press support, then hit their feeds support website on Send2Press Feeds. If you’re unsure where to go, just leave a comment here and I’ll try to answer or pass it on to Send2Press.


Line 719 in the send2press.php has this bit of code: <h3>$title</h4>. That should of course be a h3 ending tag, not a h4.

NEW Edit/Delete of feeds do not work under WordPress 2.7. I’ll release a fix as soon as I can. If you’re adept at editing PHP code, you can try out a temporary fix. Edit send2press.php and replace all references to edit.php with tools.php and see if things go back to normal. Let me know!

    No default feed available

4 Comments to “Send2Press WordPress Plugin”

  1. For some reason when the page displays your plugin [send2press] is automatically throws my h3 tag on every line instead of just the headlines. Any thoughts? Love the plugin, thanks.

  2. Ah bother. Typo in the plugin, line 719 has the title wrapped in a starting h3-tag but ending with a h4. Just edit and change the h4 to a h3 and you should be good to go. Thanks for the bug report!


  3. It’s ok to have a comment.

  4. I have activated the send2press plugin but when I try to add extra feed it comes up with YOU DO NOT HAVE SUFFICIENT PERMISSIONS TO ACCESS THIS PAGE. Can you please advise as to what to do?

    Regards Jack Fitzhugh

    PS. By the way there is something wrong with your Current Reading List.


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