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Upgrading to WordPress 2.5

March 28, 2008 By: webmaster Category: Website, WordPress

Moving this site from WordPress 2.3.3 to 2.5RC2 was largely uneventful. But I recommend waiting until there is a properly scripted upgrade path before you try unless you’re comfortable with MySQL restores and the occational PHP hacking to get a particular theme or plugin to work properly. Things have certainly changed under the hood, and quite a few addons need to be rewritten. Some of these rewrites are in the pipeline, so check out the WordPress codex for status.

Since I was fiddling with the site anyway, I decided to go for a new theme as well. It required some code changes to work properly, for example a simple thing as showing comments on pages was missing. Easily added. I also fiddled with the look&feel, so it’s not really a clean Prosumer theme anymore. Not enough changes to warrant a rebadge and release though. Not entirely happy about the colour scheme either, so here today gone tomorrow. Leave a comment if you can recommend a great theme that not too many others use.

Found some cool new plugins while updating. Like the Democracy Polls widget on the left, just below the ahem one click is enough Income widget.

Another thing I found out about WordPress in the upgrade process was that there are quite a number of hard coded references to your web site url in the database. Not just the single config entry you’d expect. So if you want to fire up a copy of the site under another name to see how 2.5 worked without destroying your primary site, you need to dump the database, do a search & replace on the dump and then restore to the new location.

The logo image is an umodified photo taken at low shutter speed in a tunnel, just cropped to show the interesting part.


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