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December 27, 2006 By: webmaster Category: Default

Picking an engine for your web site can be tricky stuff, especially for the unsavvy. Getting it right the first time isn't easy. But don't let that stop you from experimenting. There are tons of free and not so free software packages out there that once installed and configured will let you produce content without worrying about the underlying nitty gritty. Which route to go depends on how computer literate you are, and what kind of site you want to have. To start with the latter. If you want a site where you can just ramble on, perhaps on a whole range of topics, and produce de occational tutorial or howto? Then a blog is the natural choice. If you can't be bothered to look around, just pick WordPress. However, if you plan to have a lot of fairly timeless information stored in structured categories, perhaps generated not only by you but by a group or community of people, then you might go for a publishing system instead. A couple of good ones are Drupal and Joomla. The difference between the two systems are definitively blurring and there is a lot of overlapping functionality. Having said that, think public diary versus information site and decide which one you're closest to. If you can install and configure MySQL and Apache on a suitable box, then you should have absolutely no problems installing your web application of choice on top of that. But if that sentence was greek to you, or you feel out of your depths doing something like that, then look for a hosting provider that will pre-install and maintain that part of the system for you. I picked WordPress, for a number of reasons. It's free, it has a large user base, it's constantly updated and there is a large number of convenient themes and addons that you can download and install. And it took me roughly 30 minutes of installation on my Ubuntu-server, as all the packages were pre-configured and all I had to do was to tweak the local configuration a bit. Not quite working out of the box, but pretty close.

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